'Bachelorette' Contestant Zach J. Will Apparently 'Polarize' Fans On Tonight's Episode

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Reality Steve, everyone's favorite professional Bachelorette spoiler, just teased Tuesday's episode on Twitter, leading fans to believe that contestant Zach Jackson might be the newest villain, fan favorite, or troublemaker of Clare Crawley's season.
"If you thought the first two episodes of 'Bachelorette' brought out the extremes of opinion, just wait until tomorrow," he tweeted on Monday October 26th. "It will be one of the more polarizing episodes that are more serious." Fan attitude towards the Clare / Zach J date. Get ready. "
At the moment you might be thinking, "Um ... who is Zach J.?" Don't worry, here is everything you need to know about Clare's potential applicants:
For starters, he kept it on the DL this season.
A Bachelorette fan confirmed this in a reply to Reality Steve, writing, "It's still so early in the season that I have no idea who Zach J is ..." He replied to the tweet thread identifying with a funny hand. waving emojis, so at least the fans know he has a sense of humor!
Still not ringing the bell? During the premiere he also showed his funny side with his limo exit. He greeted Clare by getting on one knee and opening a ring box that contained a mini bum that made a farting sound. Obviously it tickled Clare's funny bone so much that she decided to keep him with her.
He owns a small business.
Zach J. owns a cleaning service called Cleaning Dino in St. George, Utah, which he started about a year ago.
Zach J. also started a CBD company.
He lists himself as the founder of VidaNativ in his Instagram bio, but interestingly enough, he is not mentioned as a founder on the company's website. This section is dedicated to a woman named Taylor. In an Instagram post, however, Zach is referred to as one of the "owners" of VidaNativ, where he begins his Bachelorette journey. So there you have it.
He has some strong opinions.
Zach J. is a "fun, sociable, and charismatic gentleman with a big personality and an even bigger heart," according to his ABC biography. Apparently he's been with Clare since Juan Pablo's season when she scolded him. Not only is Zach an entrepreneur, he is also supposed to "stay out of the clubs and bars" and wants to get married and stay together "forever".
You can probably see Zach rummaging around the drug store because he's "obsessed" with gum and chapstick. Oh, and he's playing "HATES Jazz," so hopefully the Bachelorette producers have adjusted their music choices accordingly. Even people who don't seem to know the difference between "there", "she" and "her" drive him crazy.
Zach J. was once a "Manny".
Yes, he once had a nanny for a family in Yakima, Washington, and appears to have served as a mentor to the family's two boys who are now grown. "From 'Manny' to Buds ... the last 20 years have really passed and I am super grateful to have these men and the Lynch family in my life," he wrote on Instagram.
"We have been so blessed to have your authentic and genuine influence in our lives. So proud of you that you followed your heart and instinct! I love you!" Erin Lynch replied in the comments.

He is an ambassador for a local organization to strengthen autism.
While living in Yakima, Washington, Zach J. volunteered with the Lynchpin Foundation, a "social success" organization that programs social nights for young people with autism. There are theme nights like Minecraft Society, Legos, Dungeons & Dragons, Crafts and First Aid, and activities like Movie Night and Guitar Hero, all of which are staffed by volunteers and peer mentors.
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Right after Mark won the grand prize of the night!
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Can not wait!
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