Amelia Hamlin Responds to Blackfishing Accusations Over Recent Instagram Pic

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Amelia Hamlin doesn't seem like a stranger to controversy these days, does it? For starters, she's dating Scott Disick, who happens to be a full 18 years older than her. Then there was the one time when Amelia got hatred in lingerie on Instagram ... which got so bad that her mother Lisa Rinna had to defend her in the comments. This time Amelia is again controversial because of a serious allegation - illegal fishing.
Yesterday, Amelia posted a picture of herself looking more than a few shades darker than her usual complexion, along with large hoop earrings and her hair in a long braid. She wrote the post "Whiplash made me like ..."
For the record, this is what Amelia's skin looked like two weeks ago during her last vacation:
After seeing Amelia's recent post, her followers asked why she looked so much darker and accused her of trying to catch black fish in her photo. She later turned off comments for the post and made a statement on her Instagram stories which read:
"I get a lot of comments on my latest photo. I'm told I'm 'black fishing' - thank you all for bringing this up to me. I recently took a vacation in the sun and with my Italian heritage I'm tanning me very easily. There is no self tanner or intent to look darker than my own natural skin tone. I had a lot of fun creating this look without malicious intent or offense. "
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