A man was found living in the rafters of a Nevada supermarket after his foot fell through the ceiling

The incident took place in a supermarket in Raley. George Rose / Getty
A man named Matthew Hammar was found in the rafters of a Raley, Nevada grocery store after his foot fell through the ceiling, police told the Reno Gazette Journal.
Local authorities confirmed to the point of sale that Hammar stole food from the deli and even felt "at home" the week he lived on the ceiling.
According to the report, Hammar was charged with burglary and obstruction of a police officer.
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Night shift workers at a supermarket in Nevada were surprised when a foot fell through the ceiling of the grocery store.
When workers at Raley's in Fernley, Nevada called the police on Sept. 30, they learned the foot belonged to Matthew Hammer, a man the Reno Gazette Journal reported was in the blanket for a week, according to local police of business lived.
"The day we arrested this person, they noticed him because his foot went through the roof of the building and into the ceiling area of ​​the grocery store," said Johnny Smith, patrol captain for The Lyons Sheriff's Office informed the point of sale. "He took a bad step and one of his feet went through the ceiling and put his foot where people could see him and that was what alerted the staff."
Police said Hammar could gain access to the building via an outside ladder that led to the roof before crawling into the rafters and staying there for a week, the report said. He would also allegedly steal food from the deli and "feel at home".
When police arrived on site, Hammar refused to get off the roof and reportedly had to hire a K9 dog that got stuck in part of the rafters. According to reports, the local fire department came to rescue both Hammar and the dog without injury.
The police did not immediately return Insider's request for comment.
According to the Reno Gazette Journal, Hammar was arrested for breaking into and obstructing a police officer.
According to Nevada state law, someone convicted of burglary could have a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years in prison.
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