A '90s Hair Trend Is Back and Hotter Than Ever—with a Modern Twist

As a baby in the 90s, I grew up with pop queen Christina Aguilera, who rocked platinum highlights piece by piece that quickly became the hottest look for young women everywhere. Like all trends, style came and went and now it's back. Chunky highlights, especially blonde ones, are the current cool-girl style that stylists across the country are seeing in their salons. But the style is getting a modern update making it a wearable look for people of all ages and hair types. "I definitely see a comeback for the chunky highlights of the 90s," says IGK colorist Olivia Casanova. "Not your traditional highlight of the 90s, but more of the front pieces," she adds. Lightening a few thick parts in the front will highlight your features and brighten your face. If you wear a fun trend, you will definitely look younger.
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This is how to get chunky highlights for face framing
Getting chunky highlights is pretty easy, but since the coloring involves bleach, you'll definitely want to have a professional stylist do the look. "It's just successive slices of hair with bleach and little light," says Maria Wheeler, a hairdresser who owns her salon of the same name. "And then it's tinted to make it look more modern."
Although light blonde highlights are popular, you can update this look with the shade of your choice. "It's fun because it's versatile in the sense that you can play around with a lot of different colors with it, from platinum to red," adds Casanova. If you are interested in any of the rainbow colors this would be an extra step after bleaching.
Courtesy Olivia Casanova / Instagram
How much do chunky highlights cost?
When it comes to price, Wheeler says it will vary slightly from the stylist. "I would charge the same base price [as a highlight], but there might be an additional product fee for the poor lighting," she says. "Some stylists might be charging as it is more of a 'trendy' color," she adds.
How often do you need to get your hair touched up?
The best thing about this look is that it isn't difficult to keep up with. Since the highlights are good and very light, consider using a heat protectant like the OUAI Heat Protect Spray ($ 28, Sephora). Use a firming shampoo like Amika Bust Your Brass Blonde Purple Shampoo ($ 20, Sephora) so your strands don't turn brassy in color. When it comes to touching it up, Wheeler says you can go to the salon every six to nine weeks, depending on how dark your natural hair is and how much you're into the outgrowth.
The next time you dye your hair, try this comeback trend for a fun change of pace.
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