23 Mediterranean Recipes That Are on the Keto Diet

When it comes to eating healthy, it seems like everyone is raving about two diets. On one hand, you have the ketogenic (also known as the keto) diet: a fairly strict regime that is all about burning fat and losing weight by following a high-fat, low-protein, and low-carb diet. On the flip side, you have the Mediterranean Diet, which is about filling your plate with healthy whole grains, vegetables, beans, low-fat milk, nuts, fish, lean red meat, and olive oil (it's hardly a diet). The two diet plans may sound completely incompatible, but we can prove that this is not the case with these 23 Mediterranean low-carb and full-flavored keto recipes.
Foods You Can Eat On A Mediterranean Keto Diet
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Healthy fats: To meet your keto fat needs, instead of butter you should use Mediterranean staples like olive oil, seeds, and nuts.
Seafood: Fish and seafood are a staple of the Mediterranean diet and a good source of protein and fat.
Vegetables: Focus on high-fiber, nutrient-dense vegetables like leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables (you know, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli).
Lean Meats: While the Mediterranean diet is typically low in red meat, you should compromise on keto by choosing lean, low-fat varieties.
Dairy Products: Eat dairy products in moderation and choose options like feta cheese, Greek yogurt, and parmesan.
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1. Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken
A decadent sauce with lots of spinach and sun-dried tomatoes? That's more.
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2. Spaghetti squash filled with low carb lasagna
It's the ultimate in comfort food with a keto-friendly twist.
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3. Grilled swordfish with Mediterranean cumin spice
In case you're wondering, we also use this spice blend for salmon.
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4. Israeli salad
Make a large amount and keep it in the refrigerator all week.
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5. Antipasti salad
Starter? No no. We're doing this for our whole damn dinner.
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6. Mediterranean Grilled Zucchini Tomato Feta Boats
Close your eyes and you are in the Greek islands.
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7. Pomegranate-maple glazed lamb chops
Pomegranate molasses adds a flavorful finish that will keep you coming back for seconds.
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8. Alison Romans swordfish with crushed olives and oregano
Even skeptics of seafood will be convinced of this dish. Swordfish is so mild it almost tastes like chicken.
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9. 20 minute shrimp scampi zoodles
A fresh, filling dinner ready in under 30 minutes? I don't mind if we do.
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10. 15-minute gazpacho with cucumber, red pepper and basil
With some mature produce and a blender or food processor, you'll be able to make this chilled soup in no time.
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11. Cauliflower Soup
Bonus, this one is vegan too.
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12. Keto steak and blue cheese salad for one
It's healthy without getting us hungry in 15 minutes - also known as exactly what we crave.
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13. Keto Instant Pot Greek cauliflower rice
Cauliflower rice doesn't have much flavor in its own right, but adding a few classic Greek flavors (like olives and feta) is a brilliant update.
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14. Black cod wrapped in bacon with spinach and capers
We're definitely not complaining about the bacon content here.
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