2022 Chevrolet Silverado spy photos capture interior upgrades

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Spy photographers got a glimpse of the interior of the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado in a prototype discovered in the wild. With the cabin surfaces still largely camouflaged, the photographer was able to capture the truck's screens peeking out from under the vinyl and confirm the presence of Super Cruise.
While GM has incrementally updated both the Sierra and Silverado with each year of this new generation, those minor changes to the equipment weren't big enough to address some of the more obvious criticisms. The interior design of the Silverado, which has been largely adopted in recent years, was a particularly big sticking point.
Thanks to these photos, we can see that GM plans to address the Silverado's cabin with the first significant improvement in the life cycle of that model. The most obvious upgrade will be the inclusion of GM's semi-cruising Super Cruise Highway suite, as evidenced by the lighted green stripe in the top center of the steering wheel of this prototype.
Elsewhere in the cabin, we can see that it is both a full digital cluster and a larger infotainment screen. We don't expect Chevy's new cabin to be anywhere near as extravagant as that of the new Cadillac Escalade, but we do expect the glassy, ​​touch-sensitive properties in the Silverado's cabin to expand significantly.
This particular prototype appears to be wearing high country wheels and has chrome window trim. These mean little at this stage of development, but when combined with the screens and Super Cruise, they suggest this is a relatively loaded truck. Speaking of exterior elements, this prototype shows that the Silverado 2022 will receive some exterior styling updates, including likely new front and rear bumpers and lighting elements.
We probably won't get details about the 2022 Silverado (or GMC Sierra, which will likely benefit from the same upgrades) until late next summer or early fall, but hopefully GM will give us some pointers in the meantime. Stay tuned.
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