20 Cities Invaded By Illegal Immigrants vs. Infrastructure Stocks

In this article, we are going to list the 20 cities that illegal immigrants have invaded. Click here for the 10 cities with the most illegal immigrants.
Immigration, and illegal immigration in particular, has been one of the hottest topics in the world and the US in particular. While immigration is nothing new, the controversies associated with it have become unprecedented, especially given the turmoil and unrest in several Middle Eastern countries has resulted in unprecedented rates of immigration and allegations that immigrants do not and tend to not integrate into the new society try to establish their own culture. There is a partial truth as there are several instances where people obey their own rules and regulations instead of accepting the laws of the country and integration should always be emphasized. These cases are also extremely stretched by the right-wing extremists who would rather have a "pure" race in their country than watch people of different races mix, which is precisely the definition of blatant racism under the banner of preserving theirs Racism camouflaged is its own culture.
The US has long been known as the melting pot of cultures and encourages immigrants from everywhere to pursue the American Dream. This is the country's national ethos, which basically allows freedom regardless of race or religion, and mobility upward through sheer hardship shows work and appreciation of the opportunities offered to such people. This was especially popular in the second half of the 21st century after World War II, which is why many films can be seen during this period, especially famous ones like The Godfather. It may be about the Italian Mafia and its influence in the US, but the film opens with the portrayal of an Italian immigrant who works hard to build a life for himself and his family before engaging in illegal activities.
In recent years, however, we have seen an increasing number of cases of certain cohorts of the American population openly express their hostility towards illegal immigrants. Many allegations have been leveled against immigrants, including stealing jobs from locals. To paraphrase a famous comedian, if someone is from a different country and culture and doesn't even speak your national language, they are doing your job for you, then you may not have been good enough at all. Another allegation, especially against illegal immigrants, is that they are not contributing to society as they do not pay taxes and instead use public money. Well, undocumented immigrants actually pay billions in taxes. The truth is that undocumented or illegal documents do a lot more than most people know, and they do when trying to lock them out of society.
Fortunately, not everyone in the US is as blinded by hatred as the extremists, who would rather not see anyone who doesn't look or act like that. Lots of cities that, unsurprisingly, are some of the most gay-friendly cities in the US. It is for this reason that we have established several sanctuary cities in the United States with a large illegal immigrant population. However, once we realized these people's contributions to the city, state, and country, we informally agreed to protect them and not take action against them, including deportation.
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In fact, it created huge tensions even as President Trump threatened sanctions against these sanctuaries unless they followed up with the federal government to help identify and deport these illegal immigrants. California was even sued by the Department of Justice for failing to ease ICE's guidelines, despite a judge eventually ruling in the state's favor and dealing a blow to Donald Trump's administration. ICE's goal was to find and deport around 2,000 people, although only 35 people were actually arrested at the end of the day. Now that Joe Biden has been named president-elect, we expect this will help change the negative attitudes that have gripped the country for the past four years when Joe Biden is doing the right thing for American workers.
We do not publish this article to discuss immigration policy. We publish this article to discuss the economics of immigration. There will be resentment against illegal immigrants as long as there are tens of millions of Americans left economically behind and given up looking for decent jobs. President Trump did the right thing by taking over China and trying to bring back manufacturing jobs. We hope the new administration will follow in Donald Trump's footsteps and stop stimulating offshore manufacturing. Printing trillions of dollars and spending them on bailouts is not going to build a strong economy. We can build a more resilient economy by rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in manufacturing capacity, and retraining crowds of "hidden" unemployed Americans for these new jobs.
We believe infrastructure stocks like US Concrete, Inc. (NASDAQ: USCR), TimkenSteel Corporation (NYSE: TMST), Titan Machinery Inc. (NYSE: TITN), and Sterling Construction Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: STRL) are promising investment ideas for the next few years. In this article, you will see illegal immigrants infiltrating metropolitan areas mainly because that is where the jobs are. We have to rebuild our infrastructure in the forgotten corners of our country and create incentives for manufacturing companies. We have to bring back so many jobs that there aren't enough Americans to fill those jobs. Then immigrants are greeted.
Due to the above fact that some cities have stricter laws on illegal immigrants while others are much stricter, the 20 cities that illegal immigrants enter make up a significantly higher proportion of the total illegal immigrants in the US. It is estimated that there are over 6 million immigrants in the country, a number larger than the total population of some of the smaller countries in the world, and over 60% of those 6 million people only live in the 20 metropolitan areas on our list. This is evident from a recent study by the Pew Research Center.
One of the most important things to note here is that illegal immigrants have actually been steadily declining over the past decade, down around 15% compared to a decade ago. This is in line with a declining trend among total immigrants in the country, and many have assumed it is because jobs are disappearing here and reappearing overseas. Mexicans still make up the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the country, although they used to make up more than half of the illegal immigrants, now that number has dropped to less than 50%. In fact, the overall decline in immigrants is mainly due to the decline in immigrants from Mexico, which fell by more than 10 million from 2007 to 2017.
It's too early to know exactly what the new U.S. administration will do about tariffs, construction contracts, and infrastructure projects. We still like the infrastructure companies because when we start vaccinating tens of millions of Americans and things get back to normal, they will benefit from the extremely low interest rate environment. But until we wait for the situation in this area to improve, let's take a look at the cities with the most illegal immigrants over the years, starting with number 20:
20. Charlotte Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 100,000
One of the few cities in the US where illegal immigrants have increased is Charlotte, where the number has increased by 20,000 over the past decade.
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19. Austin Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 100,000
Texas has three cities on this list, with Austin kicking off the process, and over 100,000 illegal immigrants who have maintained the number for the past decade.
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18. Denver Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 130,000
Of all foreign-born people, 37% are considered illegal immigrants in Denver.
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17. Seattle Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 140,000
Seattle has often been referred to as one of the most liberal cities in the United States, and helping illegal immigrants is just one of the reasons it has its reputation.
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16. San Jose Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 140,000
San Jose is famous as a hub for tech companies, but it also has a healthy illegal immigrant population.
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15. Philadelphia Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 160,000
Philadelphia is famous for being a shelter city, though it had to fight Trump and ICE to protect its illegal immigrants.
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14. San Diego Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 160,000
Although the state of San Diego has one of the highest ICE arrest rates in the country, it still has a significant illegal population.
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13. Las Vegas Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 180,000
Las Vegas not only attracts thousands of gamblers but also illegal immigrants, despite the fact that the population has decreased by 20,000 in the past decade.
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12. Phoenix Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 210,000
Phoenix has seen a sharp drop of around 180,000 people, making it low on this list.
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11. Boston Metro Area
Total number of illegal immigrants in the city: 220,000
Boston has the second highest increase in the illegal immigrant population at around 30,000 over the past decade.
Click here to read on and see the 10 cities with the most illegal immigrants. Disclosure: No positions. 20 Cities Invaded by Illegal Immigrants were originally posted on Insider Monkey.
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