2 Seattle police officers being investigated for involvement in Capitol attack

At least two Seattle police officers have been on leave and are under investigation for alleged involvement in the US Capitol protests.
The Seattle Police Department released a statement Friday evening that it was made aware of the officials' involvement in the January 6 siege on Friday and is now taking action.
"The Department fully supports all legitimate expressions of freedom of speech by First Amendment, but the violent mob and the events in the US Capitol were unlawful and resulted in the death of another police officer," said Chief Adrian Diaz in the statement Brian Sicknick, who was responsible for the injuries died that he suffered during the attack.
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Diaz said the case is now being reviewed by the Office of Police Accountability.
"The OPA will investigate whether SPD guidelines have been violated and whether potential illegal activities must be referred for criminal investigation," he said. "If SPD officials were directly involved in the uprising in the US Capitol, I will end them immediately. While the OPA is investigating, these officials were taken on administrative leave."
PHOTO: Pro-Trump protesters clash with police during a rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, the United States, Jan. 6, 2021. (Shannon Stapleton / Reuters)
This appears to be the first report that non-state law enforcement officers were involved in the violent pro-Trump protests.
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The FBI is currently working on identifying those involved and has made various arrests.
In a statement late Friday, FBI deputy director Steven M. D'Antuono said at a news conference, "Just because you've left the DC area, you can still expect a knock on the door when we find out It was you. " Part of the criminal activity in the Capitol. Bottom line: The FBI is not sparing resources on this investigation. "
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