1966 Dodge Charger H-Code Commands A High Price

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Would you shell out that much for the Mopar?
Enthusiasts are often appalled to see a classic muscle car parked in a barn, garage, field, or elsewhere for years. It is certainly shocking and even angry to see a once beautiful vehicle in a shabby state, but it can also take your breath away to see how much it could sell when it was salvaged and fully restored. A strong example is this 1966 Dodge Charger.
Photo credit: Gateway Classic Cars
A real H-Code Hemi car, according to the seller, which alone is enough to make it desirable among collectors. But then one has to take into account the claim that it's 1 in only 250 to come with a factory 4-speed manual transmission and it's easy to see that this classic Mopar muscle car isn't getting cheap.
Photo credit: Gateway Classic Cars
The story is that this '66 charger was found in a barn in the Appalachian Mountains in 2003. We imagine it was covered in that magical barn dust that everyone goes crazy for these days. Instead of keeping it in this sad state, the nameless person who saved this Dodge treated it to be fully restored.
Photo credit: Gateway Classic Cars
According to the seller, the red exterior is the same color as the factory. Without studying every minute detail, the exterior cladding looks pretty much correct. The interior is equipped with black vinyl bucket seats, AM radio and apparently all factory details.
Photo credit: Gateway Classic Cars
Fully detailed and looking great, this 426ci Hemi V8 with two 4bbl carburetors is very presentable. There is little doubt that you could take this to a show and wow some people. However, the privilege of doing just that will come at a high price.
The dealership selling this 1966 Dodge Charger is asking for a cool $ 85,000. That will obviously be too rich for some people's blood, and others who might swing may wonder if something else in this price range is a better option. The big question is, would you pick this car at this price point? Also, check out the video tour and think about it.
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