15 budget-friendly Halloween costumes, all under $50

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Don't break the bank for your next costume this Halloween. (Getty Images)
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The pandemic may have made it impossible to party with large crowds. However, this doesn't mean that you have to miss out on every favorite haunted vacation. Instead of going out this Halloween, you can safely enjoy the evening at home with all your favorite tricks and treats.
Just queue a horror movie, break out the sweetcorn, and put on your scariest costume for a night that is just as fun as a big gathering.
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Whether you're a fan of over-the-top gore or prefer the weird route, you can still go for chic, fun, or scary costumes this year. Many costumes remain affordable if you know where to shop so you don't even have to break the bank to do it all.
From Hollywood-inspired makeup to the latest pop culture moments, there are plenty of options to get you into the spirit of Halloween. Check out some of our top picks to help you look your best without breaking your budget.
The nun
Scary Movie The Nun Masks Deluxe Halloween Cosplay Costume Props for Adults. Image via Amazon.
If you really want to step up your horror game and dish out fear, this creepy nun mask is a must have.
SHOP IT: Amazon, $ 30
Cardi B in WAP
Women's leopard leotard costume. Photo via halloweencostumes.ca
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Cardi B's look in the WAP music video, consider getting a leopard suit like this trendy costume idea.
SHOP IT: halloweencostumes.ca, from $ 27
Coven Countess witch costume. Photo via halloweencostumes.ca
The dress and hat are included in this kit. Just add your own broomstick to add the finishing touch to this classic witch costume.
SHOP IT: halloweencostumes.ca, $ 33
Vengeful spirit
Adult Vengeful Spirit costume. Photo via halloweencostumes.ca
It's easy to guarantee fear with this vengeful ghost costume inspired by "The Ring".
SHOP IT: halloweencostumes.ca, $ 40
Taco costume
Realistic taco costume for adults. Photo via halloweencostumes.ca
This is a fun option for Halloween that will give your friends something to "taco fight" with as well.
SHOP IT: halloweencostumes.ca, $ 53
Michael myers
Adult Halloween gray Michael Myers costume. Photo via Party City.
There's no denying that the Halloween franchise brought back this popular Michael Myers costume after its last entry in 2018.
SHOP IT: Party City, $ 50
Elvis Presley
Adult king of rock and roll costume. Photo via Party City.
Channel the King of Rock'n'Roll in this signature white jumpsuit adorned with sparkling rhinestones.
SHOP IT: Party City, $ 50
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone adult costume. Photo via Amazon.
This is a great costume for a couple or for the whole family. Just dress up as Fred Flintstone while his cute family join in.
SHOP IT: Amazon, $ 33
Pink woman
Grease the pink women jacket. Photo via Party City.
Grab a pink ladies jacket and combine it with black leggings and a pink scarf. You will look like you just stepped out of the "Grease" set.
SHOP IT: Party City, $ 35
The Grim Reaper
California Costumes Horror Great Costume. Photo via Amazon
This is a scary look, but also a simple and affordable Halloween costume.
SHOP IT: Amazon, $ 31
The shining twins
Women's Creepy Twin Sister Costume. Photo via halloweencostumes.ca
Grab a friend or friend of a family member to pair up with this Halloween and you're all set for that spooky costume.
SHOP IT: halloweencostumes.ca, $ 40
Creepy clown costume for adults. Photo via Halloweencostumes.ca.
Pennywise from Stephen King's "IT" only takes a dash of creepy makeup to complete the look.
SHOP IT: halloweencostumes.ca, $ 47
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